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John Gerlach Accounting and Tax Preparation Services

Accounting, Auditing and Tax Preparation Services

John Gerlach & Company LLP

37 West Broad Street - Suite 800

Columbus, OH 43215


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A History of John Gerlach & Company

The story of John Gerlach & Company is surprisingly intertwined with the history of the Columbus business community. In fact, to this day, our roots help define us: from our exclusive focus on Central Ohio to our chosen areas of expertise, we continue to reflect our mission to make a unique and positive impact on this community.


Founded in 1945 by John J. Gerlach, and led by him and his son Bernie, the firm focused on serving the accounting needs of Columbus companies. In 1960, John J. and Bernie capitalized on their expertise working with glass manufacturing clients to found Lancaster Colony, which became – and remains -- one of Columbus' premier corporate entities.


This gave John Gerlach & Company unique insight into the financial and accounting needs of the local business community and its leaders, which the firm used to develop expertise in areas like family-owned business and non-profit community organizations. These specialty areas remain core competencies of our firm today.


Of the many things in our history for which we are proud, none tells our story better than this: many of the clients we began serving in 1945 are still clients today.


Today's John Gerlach & Company is progressive, continually looking for new ways to improve our clients' future. Yet there is nothing new about our commitment to the Columbus business community. It remains as strong as it was over 70 years ago