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John Gerlach Accounting and Tax Preparation Services

Accounting, Auditing and Tax Preparation Services

John Gerlach & Company LLP

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Manufacturers in the Central Ohio region face increasing challenges on all fronts, from customer demands and advances in technology to changing tax regulations and global competition. At John Gerlach & Company, we are well-acquainted with your rapidly changing environment and provide proactive and customized accounting and business solutions to meet your needs.


John Gerlach & Company has a proven track record of working closely with manufacturing clients to identify the success factors critical to their organization, industry and market. We review accounting, cash flow systems, internal control, inventory management and operational procedures. Our goal is to help you achieve your maximum profit potential.


Our manufacturing clients include closely-held businesses and companies with annual revenues from under $1 million to more than $100 million. We support our manufacturing clients with a wide range of services (use the links below to access more information about John Gerlach & Company's services for manufacturing clients).

Services for Manufacturers

  • Cost segregation studies
  • Inventory value analysis
  • Asset management/inventory, plant and equipment
  • Production and inventory control system reviews
  • Internal control evaluations
  • Operational reviews
  • Research and Development (R&D) tax credits
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction

What Our Customers Say...

"Small businesses don’t often learn about opportunities like Cost Segregation and R&D tax credit studies unless someone brings them to our attention. John Gerlach & Company brought them to our attention, did the projects, and helped us save thousands on our taxes."

- Doug Shull, President

Transmet Corporation